Solar Basics

How does a domestic Solar PV system work and how much does it cost?

How does a PV system work?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels simply convert light into electricity, which is fed seamlessly into the electricity network of your property. You save on your bills as the property always uses your own ‘free’ PV electricity before drawing it from your power supplier. Any excess is automatically exported to the grid or, preferably, stored in your own battery storage system for use when you need it. There are no emissions or waste and no complicated controls to manage.

A Solar PV system, installed by Redmile Energy, is simple and uncomplicated to own and generates power and savings for decades.

Solar Panels and Solar Inverters

These are the two key components in any quality Solar PV installation. Redmile Energy installs a wide range of Solar PV panels and inverters from industry leading brands to create quality solar installations.

To maximise PV electricity, panels and inverters must be carefully designed to match and operate in total harmony – we do this for every Solar PV system.

Battery Storage combined with Solar PV

Solar PV production often reaches its daily peak when demand for electricity in the home is at its lowest. Storing that excess energy in a Battery Storage system for use when you need it can bring great savings compared to a traditional PV system that is without the ability to store the excess power.

Battery Storage

What does a domestic Solar PV system cost?

A 4kwp (10 panel) system, on a domestic property, costs from just £4999. Include 5.8kw/h Battery Storage for approx £3000-£3500 extra.

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