Immersion Control

Improve payback and savings with Immersion Control

What is Immersion Control?

Improve payback and returns significantly by making use of your free Solar PV power to heat your domestic hot water rather than exporting it to the grid or storing it in batteries.

Immersion Control units deliver your excess PV electricity straight to your immersion heater, thus providing free hot water. In most cases, this will be enough to heat an entire cylinder daily throughout the spring, summer and early autumn months, and even in winter it can still contribute to heating your cylinder and reducing the energy input required by your boiler.

Control units

These control units can be installed at the same time as a PV installation or retro-fitted at a later date. They monitor home electricity consumption and Solar PV production at the same time and whenever there is surplus power recorded the excess is fed directly to the existing immersion heater rather than exporting it to the grid.

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Wonderful service

I Harris
Dec 2023

A stress free and enjoyable experience having my 6kw PV Solar Panels, Solax Inverter and 17.4kw Battery Array installed by Redmile Energy

P Evans
Nov 2023

So far, I've used Redmile Energy for 3 solar panel installations

I Leggett
Nov 2023