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Free Power

Typically in our region, a well-sited 6kWp Solar PV system will generate in excess of 5,625kWh/year of electricity. Exact output depends on the capacity of the PV panels chosen, location, shading, pitch and orientation to the south. This free solar power will always be fed straight to the home for immediate use (thus saving on your electricity bill), with any excess either going to the grid as export, or to an Energy Storage solution.

Energy Storage

Battery Storage systems offer homeowners the opportunity to store excess solar power during peak production times and then use it when the property demand is greater than the supply of solar power. This is a great way of increasing savings and reducing reliance on the grid.

Another great add-on to a PV system is an Immersion Control unit which delivers your excess PV electricity straight to your immersion heater, thus providing free hot water. In most cases, this will be enough to heat an entire cylinder daily throughout the spring, summer and early autumn months, and even in winter it can still contribute to heating your cylinder and reducing the energy input required by your boiler.

Income – Smart Export Guarantee

The ‘Smart Export Guarantee’ (SEG) is the replacement of the ‘Feed-in Tariff’ scheme. Under the new scheme, all new Solar PV installations will be paid for all excess electricity which they send back into the energy grid.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) key points:

– It will apply to homes and businesses, so anyone exporting power can now be paid for every unit that goes back to the grid.
– All the larger energy suppliers are required to offer an SEG export rate.

Any SEG qualifying installation must meet certain standards:


A qualifying Solar PV installation must include equipment (Solar PV panels) that were previously certified as FIT eligible.


The installation must be MCS accredited, so the installer must be MCS certified and adhere to MCS installation standards. Redmile Energy is fully MCS certified.


The property must have an approved smart meter capable of reading half-hourly exports. Currently, the fitting of such meters is the sole responsibility of the power suppliers who are offering their installation without cost to homeowners.


The installation cannot be registered under the old FIT payments scheme.



‘We are delighted with our solar panel installation: the whole process worked like a dream, and we are grateful that you and our “project manager” worked so professionally and efficiently together. We would have no hesitation in recommending you.’

Mr D, Stamford
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