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Battery Storage

Store your spare solar daytime energy for use at night

Solar PV production often reaches its daily peak when demand for electricity in the home is at its lowest – during the day while you’re out or at work – often with up to 75% of the generated power going unused and being exported to the grid at these times.
Storing that energy for use when you need more power can bring you closer to 100% self-consumption (using all of your generated power) and reduce further your grid reliance, saving you more money!

How it works

Either built into the inverter or as a separate control unit, these systems constantly monitor your PV production, your energy usage and your battery storage levels. When usage is lower than the PV production the spare energy is directed into the batteries. When the demand in the property exceeds the available supply from the PV system the extra power required is then drawn from the batteries.

Complete Inverter and Battery PackageBattery

Complete systems combine the housing for the inverter with a compartment for the lithium battery, keeping the whole installation neat and compact. Ideally these are mounted externally or on the ground floor of the property for ease of access and ventilation.

Retro-fit Package

An existing solar PV system is adapted to incorporate a new storage system. This usually comprises of a system controller that takes the DC power straight from the panels and either diverts the power into the batteries for storage, or direct into the existing inverter to be converted into usable AC power as normal.

Battery Storage Systems

The established major brands who are now supplying systems for domestic and commercial use include SMA, Samsung and Growatt.

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