Market share of Electric Vehicles doubles in 2019

Market share of Electric Vehicles doubles in 2019

0% company car tax for April 2020 will drive uptake further.

Despite a stagnant new car market in the UK, electric vehicle sales numbers have soared since the beginning of 2019.

Diesel sales are down to 22.6% with the gap filled by EVs. Sales for BEVs (battery-powered EVs) year to date are 25,072 – a significant increase on 2018s figure of 15,472.

Pixie Energy analyst Tom Lusher said the increased uptake of BEVs is due to the closure of the plug-in car grant to PHEVs (plug-in hybrids) by OLEV (Office for Low-Emission Vehicles). While BEVs still receive a £3,500 grant and developments in EV manufacturing mean prices are dropping.

The introduction of a change to company car tax rates in April 2020 – 0% for zero-emission vehicles from April 2020) will no doubt drive the uptake of BEVs even further.

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