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Solar Thermal servicing!

To keep your solar water heating system operating at it’s best, you should have your system checked regularly – every 1-2 years is the optimum recommended by the top manufacturers. Redmile Energy can service most modern solar thermal systems to ensure your system is operating as efficiently as possible, and continuing to provide you with hot water.

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How does a Solar Thermal system work?

Solar water heating systems use solar panels, sometimes called collectors, which are generally fitted to your roof. When sunlight, from either sunny conditions or during cloudy conditions, falls on the surface of a panel the solar energy from the sun heats a special formula liquid, or transfer fluid, within the panels which is then pumped to your hot water cylinder and used to heat up your domestic hot water. Thermal panels themselves are robust and durable, have no moving parts and will operate effectively even in very cold conditions. The transfer fluid and the pump are doing all the hard work and these should be checked every 1-2 years as specified by the manufacturer.


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'No pushy salesmen here, just people who appeared honest and straightforward. I had quotes or visits from other companies, but found their sales people far too intimidating. All work completely neatly and tidily on time and to agreed budget.  Could not ask for more.'

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Mr Scannell
'The survey was to a much higher level of service than we had seen from others. The survey was very thorough rather than the "the fitters would sort that out on the day" that we had from others. Communications were prompt and they carried out our installation quickly to make sure we beat a drop in the feed in tariff'

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Mr Clarke
‘If you are looking for the installation of solar panels, then Redmile Energy are the people to approach! After a thorough survey of our home, they gave us three quotes then arranged a date for installation within three weeks, all of this at less than half the price of the “big boys” for exactly the same panels!'

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